Sometimes, as a creator, you feel like this is a dirty word for your subscribers/followers. And it really shouldn’t be.

But, I blame the creators that just work with every brand under the sun all for a bit of extra cash, and drag down the good name of other content creators.

I just wanted to take a second to really explain my stance on sponsorships so you can have peace of mind when you watch my content. Here’s my approach to working with brands.

On some occasions, I will personally reach out to a brand to work together because I genuinely think they have a great product/service. However, the majority of the time brands will approach me.

This is the approach I take:

My first question to myself is always whether I like what the brand is offering, and could I see myself using it.

If the answer is no, that’s it. It doesn’t go any further than that.

Sometimes, the answer is yes but something else puts me off the brand (perhaps the way they come across in emails, perhaps the fact they want to tell me what to say etc). In which case, again, it doesn’t go any further.

Essentially what I’m trying to get at is this.

You can rest assured that if I am working with a brand, it’s because I genuinely like them / their product and if it’s something new I’m trying I will ALWAYS give a genuine review. I will NEVER accept a deal where the brand is telling me what to say in a review video etc.

What you have to understand is that most creators need some sort of additional income if they want to do content creation full time, as they have to pay their bills. In the end, this can only benefit you as they’ll have time to create more content and more quality content for you.

I guess the ultimate question to ask yourself is – do you trust the integrity of the creator you’re watching? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t worry or be put off by sponsored content. In fact, you should support it even more so they can keep providing value content for you 🙂

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