Have you ever wondered about how you can really up your game with saving money? Sometimes we don’t realise how much things we spend money on can add up over time – trust me!

Over the last 18 months, I’ve cut out a few things from my budget and I can’t explain just how much I’ve saved as a result.

So, without further ado, here are my top things to stop buying to save money….


I mean, you knew this was coming right? The second you started reading this article, I bet the first thing that popped into your head was “coffee”.

Ah well, it might be an oldie but it’s definitely a goodie. Coffee is one of the first things you should stop buying to save money long term.

Yes, it may be only £3 each time, but do you know how much that adds up?

If we go for a modest 1 coffee a day at £3, you’re actually looking at £15 a week (if we assume a 5 day work week), which is a huge £780 a year!! That’s a pretty decent amount to put towards debt or savings…

coffee cup
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Fast Fashion

Do you really think people care that much what you wear? Do you really think you need a different outfit for every time you go outside?

Let me help – the answer to both of those is a big fat NO.

No-one actually remembers or cares what you wear.

Do you know who does care? The planet. Fast fashion is a huge source of pollution, not to mention modern-day slavery.

Not to mention, most of these cheap clothes get run down so quickly, you just have to buy more (i.e. their whole business model).

Let’s just leave it alone, shall we? If you need new clothes, opt for capsule wardrobe style clothes from good quality retailers (quality over quantity, people!)

Take-away Food

Again, a fairly obvious one but it adds up a lot. I absolutely hate cooking. I really do. I don’t know why, considering my mum is an absolute whiz in the kitchen, but the gene just wasn’t passed down to me!

So, as a result, I would get take away food a lot.

Let’s look at some numbers again. If you get one takeaway a week (I actually used to get more), at around £20 each time (I mean, pretty standard for a Domino’s, right?) then you’re looking at £80-100 a month, or £1,040 in a year. That’s a huge annual saving you can put towards debt or savings!

The numbers become greater if you spend more on takeaways, of course.

I know it’s tempting when you’re tired and grumpy after a long day at work, but that’s where meal prepping can really help save you. Make some comfort foods ahead of time and freeze them, to make it easier to not reach for the takeaways in such a situation.


This one sort of goes hand in hand with the fast fashion point – I personally lose all of the jewellery I buy, so there is just no point of me constantly buying more. Any jewellery I now have, has been gifted to me.

It’s nice to have some classic pieces, but most people don’t care or notice if you wear lots of different “cool” jewellery each time you go out – trust me!

Although each pair of earrings from somewhere like Primark might be “only” £2, the amount of times you buy these will soon add up.

The latest phones

I’ll keep this one short and sweet – but do you really need the latest iPhone? I don’t even know which iPhone we’re on now, but I’m happy with my 8 Plus. This is the first time I’ve not upgraded when my contract expired – I’ve gone from paying £50 a month to £15 a month. That’s a saving of £35 a month, or £420 a year. Not to be sniffed at.

Again, this doesn’t mean don’t have a smart phone (although this is another more extreme measure some people take to save money).

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought, and some new things to stop buying to save money and help you reach your goals!

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